Professional Courses

“If you think training is expensive, try ignorance.” – Peter Drucker
The above, quite simply sums it up.

As an institute for professional courses, we work with several companies to tailor make training solutions for them. Training can be conducted at our institute or at your company premises. Our very experienced training faculty, designs the course as per the need of your company / profession. Some of the top multi-national companies that we conduct training for are: Maruti Suzuki, IFB, Subros, Becton Dickenson, Asahi, Honda and many others.

Below are some of our popular industrial training courses / professional programmes. To discuss these and other needs that your company may have, please call our corporate training cell on: 9953848338 or 8800288994. Alternatively, email your requirements to:


Graduate Engineer Trainee Programme

Duration: 1 months
Eligibility: Diploma, Degree Mechanical Trainees with 0-5 years experience
Key Learning Areas: Conventional machining, CNC machining, Machine capabilities, GD&T, Engineering drawing reading, Autocad, CAM.


Duration: 1 week
Eligibility: Operators, Supervisors, Engineers working with CNC, VMC with 0-3 years experience
Key Learning Areas: CNC & VMC Operations, CNC & VMC Programing, Tools and Work holding devices.

Press Tool & Mould Essentials

Duration: 2 days
Eligibility: R&D, Engineers, Managers, Supply chain specialists with 3-10 years experience
Key Learning Areas: Press Tool Design, Plastic Injection Mould Design.


Automation Essentials

Duration: 2 weeks
Eligibility: Persons working in manufacture, design or maintenance of SPMs, other automation applications
Key Learning Areas: Electrical wiring & Circuit Design, Pneumatics, PLC Programming, Automation project.


Heat Treatment

Duration: 1 day
Eligibility: Engineers, Junior, Middle and Senior managers with 0-15 years work experience
Key Learning Areas: Steel classification, Iron-carbon diagram, TTT Curve, Conversion of hardness to different scale and strength Etc.


Duration: 1 day
Eligibility: Engineers, 0-5 years work experience
Key Learning Areas: Air pressure, Valve/Cylinder/sensor, Circuits,  Electro-Pneumatics with PLC.


Duration: 1 week
Eligibility: Engineers, 0-5 years work experience
Key Learning Areas: Logic, General PLC programming, Siemens S7-300, Projects.

Soft Skills

Duration: 3 days
Eligibility: Junior and middle management
Key Learning Areas: Teamwork, Time Management, Personal effectiveness, Etc.


Duration: 1 day
Eligibility: All
Key Learning Areas: Introduction to 5S, Benefits of 5S, 5S Implemented.